Improve healthcare by interpreting medical research data

How it works

Scope's community of doctors use their medical expertise to complete tasks in their web browsers and get paid. Examples of tasks could include:

  • Labelling abnormalities in chest x rays

  • Identifying inconsistencies in transcribed medical notes

  • Highlighting organs in MRI scans


Join a supportive community of doctors around the world and contribute to world-class medical research. Enjoy flexible hours & competitive earnings:

  • Work anytime, anywhere, and with no minimum commitments

  • Focus on your professional development by completing one of our education tracks (e.g. Learn about interpreting different radiology modalities)

  • Earn great rates for every task you complete

  • Contribute to cutting edge medical research and development

  • Get exposure to rare and interesting medical cases 

Who submits tasks?

We work with big and small companies as well as research groups around the world who are working to accelerate the development of AI applications in healthcare

They rely on our community of doctors to use their medical expertise to annotate and label medical data. Your contribution could help create breakthrough diagnostic tools!

FAQs for doctors

What are the requirements to complete work for Scope?

You must be a medical doctor registered with the medical governing body in the country you work in. We accept doctors from all over the world. All you need is a web browser and access to an internet connection to complete tasks.

Do I have to work a minimum number of hours to get paid?

No, you can work as little or as much as you want. Scope experts are paid per task, not per hour. You can complete tasks anytime you want.

Do I need additional medical indemnity insurance?

No! Scope tasks are for research-purposes only so you don't need indemnity or medical liability insurance.

How do I earn through Scope?

You earn money for every task that you complete. You can see the rate offered for each task when you login to your dashboard to view the available jobs.

How much can I earn?

It depends on how many tasks you complete with Scope. More complex tasks tend to have higher rates, enabling you to earn even more.

What is a task?

Tasks are short assignments anywhere between 30 seconds and 30 minutes. You'll be shown some anonymised medical data (e.g. transcriptions, xray, CT, MRI, ECG) and asked to annotate the results. For example: drawing boxes around lesions, highlighting words, or answering a quick question.

How do I get more tasks?

You can view the lists of all currently available tasks when you login to your dashboard.

What if I'm confused about how to do certain tasks?

All tasks have clear instructions included, but if you're confused, use the help button in your dashboard or drop us a line using the chat feature on the page. You can also head over to the training zone in your account to hone your skills on practice cases!

How do I join Scope?

Go to the signup page and enter your details. Once you've registered, we'll get in touch to take a few more details to get you verified and then you're good to start working.

How do we as doctors help your company by doing these tasks?

The tasks you complete help train AI models that healthcare companies and research groups around the world are building. You could be helping build the next generation of cancer diagnosis tools!

How do I withdraw my earnings?

We pay all our doctors via Paypal on Friday every week. If you don't have a Paypal account, head over to to open one for free.

Can I earn points towards my continuing professional development (CPD)?

On some projects, significant contributors may be offered the opportunity to be acknowledged in resulting peer-reviewed journal articles. This will be made clear in the task description.

What if I get something wrong? Are my tasks reviewed?

All tasks are eligible for review by senior clinicians and researchers. We are seeking diversity of opinions so mistakes and disagreements are ok. However, if we detect that work is deliberately being completed poorly, you will be removed from the platform. In which case, we also reserve the right to void any payments.

Do I have to be a senior doctor to work with Scope?

No! As long as you are a qualified medical doctor in the country you work in, we would love for you to join the Scope team! If you have any other questions, drop us a line at or use the chat in the bottom right of your screen.

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